Hello, World!

I'm a
☆Bay Area native who gained an interest in STEM at Girls Teaching Girls to Code April 2014 and previously wanted to teach middle school math.

☆Computer Science major, English or East Asian Langs. and Cultures minor, tennis player, and Intro to CS and Data Structures TA at Bryn Mawr.

☆Previous developer evangelist intern at PubNub.

☆ Incoming Twilio evangelist intern in NYC.

Clarifai Champion. (devangelist-in-training.) Why do I want to get into developer relations? It's coding, writing, teaching, empathy, community, and all the things I enjoy and do anyways in my spare time!

☆Event/hackathon/meetup organizer: Spectra, the Bay Area's largest women's hackathon and a series of meetups, and She++ Code Day.

Hackathon history
♛Cola Hackathon
♛Piazza Hack (finalist)
♛Hack the Planet
♛Tri-Co Hackathon

Selected Projects, Hacks

Selected Speaking/Workshops

  • #SFHTML5
    July 29, 2016
    Google SF

    Inspiration to code, life as a devangelist intern at PubNub.

  • Spectra Hackathon
    July 23, 2016
    YouTube HQ

    Workshop: Realtime Voting App with PubNub, Twitter, Facebook APIs.

  • Selected press

    Technical.ly Philly
    Seventeen Magazine's Most Confident Moments
    Summer 2016 Recap Bryn Mawr Athletics
    CodeHS Tutor profile
    Reigning It

    I like picking brains. Let's get coffee or tea!