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Iā€™m a software engineer currently serving developers in SF & beyond on Twilio's Developer Evangelism team. You can find some of my code and words on the blog. For 3 years I helped organize or co-direct Spectra, a hackathon for under-represented genders, and I also curate tech events, jobs, blog posts, and GitHub repos for my monthly newsletter. Though I develop primarily for web and iOS, I have been seen writing Python and Haskell and working with AI.

I studied CS at Bryn Mawr where I also played šŸŽ¾ and šŸ“, and TA'd for CMSC110 (Intro to Computing) and CMSC206 (Data Structures).

Thesis iOS demo
For my senior thesis I developed a series of Django apps and corresponding iOS app to compare methods of teaching emotions to people on the Autism spectrum.

Selected press: JS Jabber podcast, Women of Silicon Valley, Philly, Seventeen Magazine, Chapter 1, Bryn Mawr Athletics, CodeHS, and Reigning It.

Seventeen Most Confident Moments
Picture for Seventeen Magazine at Square HQ before my first technical talk.

Past talks include: